It Will Cost the UFC $100 Million if McGregor Wants the Rematch with Nurmagomedov

Whether you want to relive the rivalry between Conor Mcgregor and Nurmagomedov, or just want to see the respective fighter on the Octagon without having to wait for long time, then the UFC 249 could probably make the Conor appears sooner than later.


Initially, the UFC 249 is the lightweight title bout which involves Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov. The upcoming bout is supposedly the lightweight title fight. Khabib Nurmagomedov will be putting his title on the line at the upcoming bout.

Back then it could be a big possibility because people would assume that McGregor will defeat Cerrone. However, the surprising result came up. The Irish fighter defeated the Cowboy in just forty seconds at the T-Mobile Arena. According to UFC president Dana White, McGregor could step in if he managed to win. Now the result has been there. Will McGregor really go with the UFC 249 plan?

At the UFC 249, it is the most sensible fight card for McGregor because it opens the possibility to open the rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov. Dana White also stated that McGregor was hoping to fight Khabib after defeating the Cowboy.

However, the UFC officials stated that it is not going to work. The timing is not right for some experts. But some McGregor fan experts are pretty optimistic that the chances are much higher than before. He stated himself that he was ready to fight Khabib at the 155.

Meanwhile, both Ferguson and Nurmagomedov are booked to fight four times. For several reasons, both fighters have been struggling to succeed to make it into the cage. The UFC 249 is going to happen on April 18 in Brooklyn, New York.

Dana White also added that McGregor could be an interesting replacement for the title fight. McGregor has not won the fight expect back then he won in only 40 seconds. But what makes it more interesting is the fact that he is losing to the Nurmagomedov on October, 2018.

The UFC 246 will be the event contested at 170 pounds. Besides Nurmagomedov, McGregor could likely take on welterweight star Jorge Masvidal. He ever offered such idea but it does not seem that Dana White is enjoying his decision.

Conor would like “Do you underestimate me”?” Conor is pretty confident to beat Masvidal. Obviously, McGregor is fond of the opportunity to take part in the UFC 249 as well. Are you a big fan of one of the fighters? Don’t miss the UFC 249 and take part to this festivity.

It Will Cost the UFC $100 Million if McGregor Wants the Rematch with Nurmagomedov

We cannot neglect the fact that the rematch between McGregor and Nurmagomedov is something that the UFC wants. However, it will only happen if the UFC is willing to pay for it. And it does not come cheap. At least $100 million needs to be spent to make it happen.

Back then before the UFC 246 happened, Dana White stated that McGregor wanted to do three fights this year. Well, if McGregor could take down Cerrone, it was possible to get a rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov so that the Khabib vs Ferguson could be cancelled.

This could get closer to the possibility now because McGregor managed to take down the Cowboy in just 40 seconds. Then obviously, all UFC enthusiasts are fond of seeing the rematch between McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

In the previous bout, Nurmagomedov took down McGregor by forcing him to submit to a choke.

But that was not all that happened back then. There was also a post-fight skirmish which involves Khabib and Conor’s cornermen. This made them both get problems with the local authorities.

Some of the folks were outraged because the promotion of the fight was the offensive topics of Islamophobia, sexism, and racism. People were rooting for Nurmagomedov and wanting justice. It seemed that Khabib had held his outrages as well so that when he blown up he could no longer hold it. Beating was not quite enough for McGregor.

Nurmagomedov thought that choking him would be great revenge. After forcing McGregor to tap out to submit to his choke, he attacked the cornermen as well. The total defeat of McGregor makes the Irishman want to take on Nurmagomedov again.

The UFC President Dana White takes this really seriously. Well, why not? The UFC 229 fight had earned 2.4 million buys and gate for over $17 million. This fight is good for all parties. Not to mention that the fans of McGregor must be willing to see what will really happen in the rematch.

Rumor said that Dana White had been talking about this with Nurmagomedov. But the difference is that he came to negotiate the price with less anger than before. Khabib’s father, who has the influence in the UFC champion, talked about the potential rematch with the McGregor. He stated that if the UFC wanted his son to meet with the Irishman once again at the octagon, $100 million is the price. It is shown that both Nurmagomedov and his father do know the value for this rematch.

So, what will happen with the UFC 249 Khabib vs Ferguson? Will it take place? Or replaced by the rematch? Guess we just need to wait and see.

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