Mayweather’s Crazy Plan to face Khabib and McGregor in One Day

Khabib’s side has been surprised with the crazy plan proposed by Mayweather. The boxer has had a plan to fight against Khabib and his counterpart McGregor, one day, at different times.

khabib vs mayweather

That crazy idea was confirmed to be true because Mayweather himself stated this to UFC president, Dana White. The offer has things to do with Khabib and McGregor fighting against Mayweather in 24 hours.

To the details of the offer, our Khabib would probably be fighting against Mayweather at noon. Meanwhile, the 42 years old boxer will take on McGregor at night. The rumor said that Mayweather would ask US$250 million, which is less than what he used to fight McGregor back in 2017. Mayweather managed to win the challenges when fighting McGregor at the boxing ring and got US$300 million. Meanwhile, McGregor received US$30 million.

It is indeed crazy. Regardless of the fact of the fight, it won’t be easy to take on Khabib and McGregor on the same day. Of course, Khabib will have a chance if McGregor makes Mayweather struggling at noon. Not to mention that the result of the noon fight will hugely affect the fight with Khabib at night.

Back then, McGregor could survive for a long time when receiving fists from Mayweather. Mayweather won in the 10th round. The past fight which took place at T-Mobile Arena made Mayweather win with the TKO at the 10th round in one minute fifteen seconds.

With such a record, it is pretty sensible that Mayweather has such a crazy idea to be willing to take on both fighters on the same day.

With that crazy plan, Mayweather will need to prepare himself physically and mentally. Both Khabib and McGregor are not easy opponents. Not to mention that it is not a boxing match that we are talking about, but the UFC match. Conducting two fights on the same day is out of mindd. He needs to work twice hard to get the win. Well, he is going to fight champions in one day, only at different times.

It can be sensible that Money nickname is popular. It is because Mayweather always sees each fight as money. In the most recent appearances in his career, he considers each fight as money. He tends to fight for money rather than achievement so far.

That’s why folks have been giving up to expect the fight Manny Pacquiao vs Mayweather Jr 2.there will be no such thing unless the money” is good. But fighting Khabib and McGregor on the same day will definitely generate a fantastic amount of money.

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