The Prospect of UFC 253 After the Passing of Nurmagomedov’s Father

If you are just like other UFC fans, you might be waiting for the certainty of the UFC 253. How will it go? Is it really set to provide the medium for Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Justin Gaethje in the UFC 253? The bad news is that we should wait for more time until the officials announce UFC 253. The good news is that Dana White has revealed his real plan to the public.

Khabib Nurmagomedov UFC 253

By far, the officials have yet to take down the announcement of the fight. Khabib Nurmagomedov is still set to fight Justin Gaethje this year despite the fact that he is still mourning. The recent death of his father is not only leaving sadness for the relatives and family members, but also the UFC fans and fighters in general.

Despite the tragic death of Khabib’s father, the officials confirmed that the show is still a go. The main event will feature Khabib vs Gaethje in the UFC 253. The card will the PPV event. Of course, there have been pro and contra parties of UFC 253. although it is not always, one must take time to mourn. Since we’ve heard that the UFC 253 will still go on, we presume that the time windows are enough for Khabib to move on.

Back then, Khabib’s father was hospitalized in May at Moscow hospital. Reportedly, his cause of death was the complications due to covid.

While the UFC 253 is still up, Dana White already has a backup plan in case Khabib withdraws from the card. It is to assume that Dana White hears the other news from Khabib which leads to the cancellation of the show.

Dana White, as reported by the formal mass media, stated that the UFC 253 was not off the table. Currently, he just waits to hear from Khabib. He would let Khabib take time to think and tell Dana White when he was ready. As he mentioned that he was leaving khabib alone until he would be ready to talk.

Dana had actually reached Khabib on “that day”. There was no report on the exact conversations between the two guys. However, it was pretty clear that Khabib would need enough time to think. Dana White hasn’t heard back from Kabib since.

Right now, if you are looking at the official page of the UFC, you will see that the UFC 253 is still up for taking place. That is precisely what Dana said.

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