UFC 249: Khabib vs Tony Ferguson Predictions and Fight Preview

After being cancelled four times, we will finally see Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Tony Ferguson in the Octagon. They will fight for the lightweight belt.

Khabib vs Tony Ferguson Predictions and Fight Preview
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Which round?

Those who are looking forward to watching the moment of truth, you could be interested with the prediction before going forward with your plan.

  • Tipped at: 2.45
  • Under 3.5 goals

Now let’s see what they are going to do to win.

On paper, fans shouldn’t worry about the potential of Khabib. In his previous bouts, he has the tendency to win the fight at the third round. In fact, people have admitted his capability in wrestling. Meanwhile, Ferguson is a striker who has a more aggressive style than Nurmagomedov. He is as merciless as McGregor. So, there’s a chance that Ferguson manages until the fourth round.

But if Khabib is in his top prime condition, then he could have finished the fight before the fourth round.

Khabib vs Tony Predictions

It will be the third time for Khabib to defend his lightweight title. He has defended his lightweight belt two times against Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier.

He actually has different chances to get to the different divisions. Some folks and supportive parties are speculating that he could also move up to the welterweight and take this shot to become double champ. Well, for a talented guy like Khabib, this plan shouldn’t be a problem. But most of us have been waiting for him to finally trade fist with long-time rival Tony Ferguson. And it is going to happen in no time.

For more than half of the decade, both parties’ fans have been enduring disappointment because the previous four flights were cancelled because of various reasons.

Many call the fighters the biggest one because both of them are unbeatable. Khabib hasn’t lost at all in his entire UFC career. Meanwhile, Ferguson hasn’t lost since 2012. But they still haven’t fought. It seems that the third charm thing didn’t happen for both of them.

Folks even called this fight as one of the oddest in the MMA history. The officials had booked the fights four times previously.

The latest attempt before UFC 249 was the UFC 223 where both needed to withdraw because of some sensible reasons. It is also one of the toughest fights to happen this decade. Because of this, Dana White even mentioned that he would never book for this fight again.

But with the upcoming card, we can see that there’s a chance that they can meet in the fantastic bout. Both fighters have consistently won the fight. Khabib has even never lost.

So, it is great to know who is going to win the upcoming fight. It is a rare opportunity to see the top fighters in the lightweight division competing in the UFC.

The fighting styles

The UFC 249 will take place on April 18, 2020. Let’s check their fighting Styles

Khabib Nurmagomedov

The styles will make the fights results. Khabib will likely use his expertise in wrestling. The fighter seems to be more comfortable and confident with the skills. In the UFC world, he is arguably the best wrestler that we can find. His striking is also terrifying. From fight card to fight card, the headlining fighter has shown the significant improvement of his boxing. People haven’t forgotten yet about the spectacular moments when he fights against prominent opponents such as Al Laquinta, Conor McGregor, and Dustin Poirier. His grappling is also unbeatable. That could be one of the strongest factors to make him attain the best record 28-0.

Tony Ferguson

Tony Ferguson, on the other side, is merciless. He is a brawler. The folks call him “El Cucuy ” since he resembles the monster that we’ve seen in the Octagon. Ferguson known for his terrifying stalking style and pressure.

Training with BJJ powerhouse Eddie Bravo, he has been developing the grappling off his back. But his attitude is what should be handled by Khabib. He tends to rush across the octagon, gives direct attacks from his punches, elbows, as well as strong and hurtful kicks. It is not a small deal.

Tony Ferguson is indeed the most formidable opponent for Khabib. But khabib has never lost in his entire UFC career. So, it is going to be a bit tricky to conclude the fight.

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